I'm Tony Puryear and I'm here to help turn your first draft into the script that sells.

I've been a working screenwriter for 25 years. When I sold my spec script, Eraser, my writing career took off. When Eraser got made into a $100 million action film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, it went into overdrive.
I was hired to write sci-fi and action films (and horror, and comedies, and...) for some of the biggest names in town. I've learned a lot and I've learned it in the toughest school of all: on the job.

I learned how re-write. How to pitch and write TV pilots that sell (I've sold five). I've learned the elements of a great script that executives look for year in and year out.

Most importantly, I learned invaluable lessons about story, structure, character and plot. (you'll notice I didn't mention dialogue. Don't you want to know why?) I learned how to "turn" a story with suspense and reversals. I learned how to keep the all-important first readers of a script turning the pages instead of putting it down.

Let's turn your first draft into the script that sells!  

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